How To Stop Feeling Like A Terrible Parent At Exam Time

Use Our Stealth System That Supports Teens Through Their Exams (Without Having To Understand What They're Studying)

Is Your Teen...

More 'Put-it-Off' than 'Bring-It-On'?

More 'Party' than 'Proactive'?

More 'Stress' than 'Study'?

You'd love to have time to spend a couple of weeks on Google, searching up exam schedules, course details, revision techniques etc.  

But realistically it's not going to happen! 

To be honest, you'd still be worried you'd missed something important because you don't know what you don't know. 

Watching your child struggle with anything is tough, but it's SO much worse when you feel like there's nothing you can do to help


You're Busy Enough Already Juggling Work and Family 

(and occasionally trying to have a life of your own)

You shouldn't have to watch your child struggle and make mistakes that you KNOW are going to make their life (and your life) more difficult than it should be…BUT

You’ve tried talking to them like a rational human being, and been ignored. Or yelled at! (Spoiler alert: teenagers' brains aren’t wired rationally just yet)

​They just won’t listen to you...and honestly, you’re not even sure you’re giving them the right advice

​You’ve resorted to nagging, but that just makes you feel like a terrible parent, AND gets you less than nowhere!

So, What Could You Do?

You could easily spend £500+ on...

Buying your child ALLLLLL the revision guides (that will never read)!

​Hiring private tutors (who end up taking over your kitchen table in the evenings while you're trying to cook dinner)!

But honestly while this may help them with some of their results it doesn't help your stress levels....and you end up spending the same amount on chocolate and wine to cope with it all!!! 


There Is A Better Way

You just need a delivery method that doesn’t feel like ‘mum thinking she knows it all’... 


You Don’t Need To Know Anything About...

Quadratic Equations

Conjugating Verbs

Romeo and Juliet

You Don’t Need To...

Buy every revision guide out there 

​Pay hundreds of pounds for private tutors

Argue about revision every week

YOU Can Do This...

​In a way that brings you CLOSER to your teenager 


In LESS than 10 minutes a WEEK 

Even just a couple of quick wins will start to make an immediate difference to your teenager’s study habits and their mindset. 

(And the sooner they start, the bigger the improvement will be in their final grades.) 

We can’t wave a magic wand and get them ready instantly I’m afraid. It’s going to take some time. 

It’s a bit like if they want a six-pack. No amount of exercise in the world is going to get them there one day (and boy, would that ache!) , but if they do 10 sit-ups a day, by the end of the year they’ll be able to crack rocks on those abs. ​ 

Little and often adds up. 

Will it happen overnight? Of course not! 

But with a couple of quick wins in your teenager's first two weeks, you'll start to see an immediate difference in your teenager's study habits and their mindset.

And from there, the improvements start to stack up. They’ll be finding learning easier with every week, which will build their confidence.

And then, they’ll start to actually see the difference when their grades are improving with every test.

You Are Not Alone

In fact, it's normal.It's time to STOP beating yourself up (and start getting them back on track) 


Because This Was Us

We've seen two of our own kids through GCSEs and A-levels, and I thought I’d be immune to the stress.After all, we’ve got 30+ years of teaching experience between us, so we know the process inside-out! 

I spent 15 years in schools, and as a Head of Maths, I’ve lost count of the number of students I’ve helped through their GCSEs and A-levels. Paul (hubby) was head of 5 different departments at one point, and responsible for the exam results in all of them! 

Turns out, it’s not so easy when it’s your own kids. We still got the eye-rolling. We still couldn’t even persuade one of the twins that writing and highlighting so many pages of notes that he could have built a small igloo out of them was the least effective way to revise. 

We still ended up nagging 

… and they didn’t listen! 

We Struggled Too...

When our twin boys were doing their GCSEs, we realised that, despite all the stuff out there to support students (revision guides, tutors websites), no-one was supporting parents! That just seemed crazy to us, since it’s a well-known fact in schools that parental support makes a HUGE difference to students’ grades (and wellbeing!) 

That’s why we created...

The Stealth System

The Stealth System gives you a way to get advice through to your child without getting shot down. It lets you ‘discover’ this advice with your child, so you’re both on the same team - on the same level. 

They don’t feel patronised.

The fact you’re signed up to get weekly advice on how it all works actually plays into their belief that you don’t know everything, so it gets past the usual eye-rolling barriers. 

(It’s a sneaky little bit of psychology, but it works.) 

And it’s the foundation of our... 

Parent Guide Membership

How it works in 3 simple steps 

Step One 

Check out the email each week (using the stealth tip if you need to)

Step Two 

Get support whenever you need it from us and from the member community

Step Three 

Get your child going with small bite-sized wins, leading to better results with less stress

Buy Now Only £29.99/Month

Here's what you’ll get as a Parent Guide Member

Say Hello To Your Child's 'Unfair Advantage'


Access to the Parent Guide Video Library

Think of it like a buffet. You can pick and choose what you want right now, and ignore the rest. You can always come back later for more! 


A Weekly Email Nudge

These are designed to make it easy to stay on top of things. That said, if you miss a couple of weeks, it’s no big deal - you’ll still be able to get answers and support! 

We know life gets busy, so there’s no obligation to read everything, and no guilt required if you don’t!


A Monthly Group 

Coaching Call

Ask questions about specific things, or just tell us what’s going on and ask for advice! 

You’ll have direct access to not only our brains, but also to the rest of the member community - odds are, there’s someone else going through the same thing! 


An Amazing Community of Parents Just Like You

We had lots of support groups available when they were babies and toddlers, right? 

Why should it be any different when they’re teenagers?! (It’s not any easier!)


Access To Our ‘Results Day Hotline’ 

We’re here to answer your ‘what if’ questions on Results Day... 

Just in case you need us 


Support on Zoom / Email When You Need Us

Sometimes there’s a situation that you just need to talk through one-to-one.  

Either with or without your child... 

We’re here. 

Why The Parent Guide Community Matters...

For us, it’s about you too. 

We want to be on your team. 

You deserve someone on YOUR team. 

You deserve someone to support you through the lows and celebrate the highs with you. 

You deserve a safe space to rant about how your teenager is driving you crazy - no-one’s going to judge you, because we’ve all been there!

  We have Parent Guide members whose kids are at private school, members whose kids are just trying to scrape by with good enough grades to get into the vocational course that lights them up, members who are new to the UK education system, members who are navigating all this as a single parent, members with a children with a rage of SEN. 

Members just like you.

Now is the perfect time to get started...

The Parent Guide Membership

Making your life easier

What you get

Access to the Parent Guide video library

A monthly group coaching call

A weekly email nudge

An amazing community of parents just like you

Access to our ‘Results Day Hotline’

​Us on the other end of a zoom / email when you need us

Total Value £1399/Yr

Today just £29.99/mth

Extra Bonuses


The GCSE Toolkit

Access to the GCSE Toolkit for your child (if they are in Y10 or Y11) so that you know they’ve got all the tools and tips they need to supercharge their study skills

Tools: Checklists for every subject PLUS revision CheatSheets

Motivation: Unlock their motivation with our masterclass

Skills: Supercharge their study skills


The UCAS Toolkit

Access to the UCAS Toolkit for your child (if they are in Y12 or Y13) so that you can take the mystery out of the uni application process

Choosing: Guide to choosing a course / university that's right for your child.

Applying: Step-by step guidance on writing an EPIC Personal Statement

We know that sometimes you just want something you can give to them to do, so they can take ownership of the process. 

That’s what the Bonus Toolkits are for. 

They take your child through every step, from the tools to the techniques. 

With The Parent Guide Membership, We Break Down What You Need To Know Into Small, Simple Chunks Each Week

You'll Get All The Information You Need, When You Need It

How It Works...

We have broken down everything you’ll want to know as a parent during Y10-13 into bitesized chunks, and turned them into videos.

Each short (5 minute-ish) video talks you through a particular topic, like preparing for mocks, exam technique, avoiding overwhelm….

The videos are aimed at you as a parent, but in a way that’s also useful for your child to hear - that’s why it’s so effective at getting advice through to your child. 

Trouble is, that’s a LOT of videos covering a LOT of information. 

You don’t want information overload, you want things step-by-step, right? 

That’s why we break it down for you and send out a link to one video per week. 

Each week, you’ll get an email with one thing you can do that week to make progress. 

(It’s not homework… If you miss a week, nothing bad happens!)

We’ll guide you gently through the whole year, one step at a time, so you never have to feel overwhelmed. (And avoid nasty surprises - let’s face it, teenagers aren’t great at telling you about things like coursework deadlines coming up, or the mocks that start tomorrow…!)

You can still search for a topic at any time in the video library - it’s all there whenever you need it.

You’ll be able to ask us questions on the (optional) monthly coaching calls too. 

The Parent Guide Membership is all about making your life easier

You and your child deserve to feel on top of everything

​You and your child deserve to feel confident about how you’re handling the exam years

​You and your child deserve to feel proud of their final results


Imagine sitting at the kitchen table with your child each Sunday afternoon, watching a 5-minute video that’ll help them get better results, with less stress

Imagine asking your child to explain to you what it means, or how they’re using it because it’s new to you (because ohmygosh, it’s a HUGE ego-boost to a teenager when they know stuff you don’t!)

​Imagine feeling like you’re on the same team, instead of constantly battling with them

Accessing Your Membership Is Simple...

Accessing your membership is incredibly simple.

After you sign up, you’ll receive a 2-minute survey. We’ll ask a couple of questions about your child so that we can deliver a customised roadmap to guide them on the journey to feeling totally confident they’ll SMASH their exams. 

You’ll then get a welcome email with a magic link. 

That magic link will not only take you straight to your membership hub, it’ll also log you in. No need to remember passwords!

You’ll be free to explore, and the weekly email nudges willl guide you through all the bits that are relevant, exactly when you need them.

The Parent Guide Membership is for you if...

You want to feel confident that they’re on track

You are fed up with nagging and want a better way

You want to stay in the loop with what they’re going through

The Parent Guide Membership is not for you if...

It’s not for you if you don’t want to get involved with supporting them

You’re too busy to spend 10 minutes a week on this

(If you just want someone to mentor your child directly instead, we do offer one-to-one mentoring)

That's Not All...

We also support with ‘the other stuff’. It’s not just about academics - exam results aren’t everything. We also talk a lot about managing exam stress, planning for the future, and helping them build their ‘adulting’ skills before they fly the nest!(Because at some point soon, they’re going to be in charge of a student loan or a paycheque, and we don’t want them to blow the whole thing on alcohol & MacDonalds...) 

This is as much about you as it is about them. We spend far too much time beating ourselves up over not being ‘the perfect parent’. Well, I’m here to tell you… THERE’S NO SUCH THING! 


One of the greatest things you can do for your child is show them that things aren’t always easy. Sometimes there’s stuff that’s outside your comfort zone, and you need support to handle it. 

Tell them that you’re worried about this year, and you want to be there for them, but you don’t want them to feel like you’re nagging! 

Tell them you aren’t sure how it all works, because it’s been a while since you did your exams, and so you’ve signed up for some support! 

Tell them this is all about helping make this year less stressful. For both of you. It’s ok to be honest (and even a little bit vulnerable). 

We spend our whole lives telling ourselves that ‘everyone else has got it together’ and beating ourselves up because we feel like we don’t, right? 

Showing your child that’s not true is incredibly powerful. 

Are You Ready To Get Started?

The best time to start was yesterday... The next best time to start is now. 

What we teach is how to be a great learner.

The faster they can learn, the easier everything becomes. 

We all know that person - the one whose brain just seems to ‘magically’ absorb information like a sponge. The one who makes everything look effortless.

Truth is, they’ve just got some great strategies for learning!

That gives them confidence, which rubs off on everything they do. 

It’s not some built-in superpower. It’s something your child can learn. 

And, the sooner they start working on their learning skills, the more impact it’ll have on their confidence, and on their grades. 

There are roughly 300,000 students in your child’s year group across the UK. 

They are the competition. 

What are you going to do to give your child an advantage over the rest?

The Parent Guide Membership

Making your life easier

Join Now With No Risk To You

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can cancel any time by clicking a link in your member’s area - no hoops to jump through!

And if you're not happy in the first 30 days...

We'll refund your payment... Easy Peasy! 

Still Undecided?

You could just leave it for your child to work it out on their own. Lots of parents do. They believe it’s the school’s job. Trouble is, schools are underfunded and understaffed (just ask your child how many cover lessons they’re having). If you just do what most people do, your child loses their advantage. 

Compare the number of hours they get in school with the number of hours they’re at home… If your child doesn’t have a system for managing their time, there’s no-one breathing down their neck at home like there is at school. (Unless of course you want to spend your life nagging them!) 

Let us teach them how to mange their time, and how to use a ‘little and often’ approach to make their workload manageable so they don’t get overwhelmed. Let us do it in a way that takes the pressure off you. 

What others say about us


"Your help and guidance has been amazing and we’re so glad we’ve had this for Aimée’s year 10/11"

- Kerry V.


"I’d like to say thanks so much as my membership comes to an end! You’ve been brilliant. Y13 was so much easier with your help!"

- Lydia H.

Thank You

"Thank you,...I truly believe it made a significant difference for Imogen getting into Uni .... It is great to have an expert to reach out to"

- Ros B



Will this work for me?

The Parent Guide Membership is for you if:

You want to feel confident that they’re on track. 

You are fed up with nagging and want a better way.

You want to stay in the loop with what they’re going through


It’s not for you if you don’t want to get involved with supporting them, or you’re too busy to spend 10 minutes a week on this.

(If you just want someone to mentor your child directly instead, we do offer one-to-one mentoring.) 

Isn’t this the school’s job?

Schools generally do a fantastic job of making sure your teenager knows everything they need to know in order to pass their exams. That said, teenagers aren’t always the best at communicating (or remembering), so it often doesn’t filter through to parents. While you can entrust a lot of this to schools, your child spends around 50% of their possible learning time at home, so they need someone to help keep them on track there too.

Isn’t a lot of this stuff on the internet anyway?

You can find quite a bit of it, if you have the time to search, and you know what to search for. Trouble is, there’s a lot of bad advice out there, as well as a lot of old advice. We do the filtering-out-the-rubbish bit, so you don’t have to.

If it helps, think of us as a time-saving subscription box. You’ll have seen the meal-prep kit adverts – instead of going shopping, deciding what to cook, searching for recipes, and checking whether you have all the ingredients (and then measuring them), you just get them to send you a box with all the right stuff in, including instructions. No wasted time or effort, and no brain power required (because let’s face it, your day has been challenging enough already).

We do that, but instead of dinner, we ‘prep’ your knowledge about what to talk to your child about to keep them on track!

How do I involve my child?

Up to you - it's best if you can get them to watch the videos with you each week. 

We totally understand that's not always possible.  If your child would rather eat their own arm than sit and watch anything with you, we also include a 'stealth tip' each week - a sneaky little bit of psychology that'll give you a way to open up a conversation with them without getting shot down.

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What you get

Access to the Parent Guide video library

A monthly group coaching call

A weekly email nudge

An amazing community of parents just like you

Access to our ‘Results Day Hotline’

​Us on the other end of a zoom / email when you need us

Total Value £1399/Yr

Today just £29.99/mth

Am I going to have to find the time for this?

Other than reading the emails, and watching any videos you are interested in, it’s really up to you how long you spend getting involved. The aim is to make our tips things you could discuss over the dinner table with your child, since we know you’re all busy!

When's the best time to join?

It really doesn't matter whether your child is about to start Y10, or are already in Y13 - NOW is always the best time to start!   We'll make sure you're supported with the things you need to know about right now, and the sooner you start, the bigger the impact on their grades and their confidence.

Am I tied into this when I sign up?

You can cancel the monthly plan at any time, and we won’t take any more payments.  Simple as that. 

Why shouldn’t I just get a private tutor if I’m worried about my child’s results?

Private tutors are a great way to improve a specific grade. If it’s just one subject you’re concerned about, then that’s the way to go. We however, provide you as a parent with the tools you need to help your child improve all their grades, by improving their study skills overall. We’ll also help you to make this a less stressful year for the whole family, by making your interactions with your child more support, less ‘nag’.

I have a specific question – how can I get in touch?

Buy Now Only £29.99/Month

Buy Now Only £29.99/Month

Buy Now Only £29.99/Month

Buy Now Only £29.99/Month

Buy Now Only £29.99/Month